Pasco Soccer Club

PASCO Cup 2018

  • Download our flyer by clicking HERE
  • Accepted Teams List: Click HERE
  • Rules: Click HERE
  • Check-In Info: Click Here
  • Date: March 30th and 31st, 2018
  • Location: Wayne Area
  • Cost: $495 Small Sided and $595 Large Sided
  • Ages: Boys and Girls U8-U18
  • Description: The PASCO Cup provides tournament competition for every level team out there. Every player should experience a tournament environment!
    • The average price for an EDP sponsored tournament is $975. The PASCO CUP is almost $400 cheaper!!!
    • Location, location, location! There are clubs all over north Jersey that play in different leagues. Now is the chance to play against other competition without driving hours to do so
    • Brackets that are built fairly, not just on GOTSOCCER rankings!
    • Quality competition that will benefit the development of players
    • Turf and grass fields that are up to the standards your team deserves
    • Local College Coaches in attendance